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Wednesday, Sep 9: 6-8 pm
Life After Death and Elsewhere

Life After Death and Elsewhere is an exhibition conceived and organized in collaboration with prisoners on Death Row in Nashville, Tennessee. The show will focus on designs by the prisoners for their own memorials, which take various forms such as drawings, photographs, paintings, models, and text-based pieces.

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Thursday, Oct 1: 7 pm
Telling Our Story

At Riverbend Maximum Security Prison in Nashville, Tennessee, the men imprisoned on death row each have a story to tell. But, their voices are rarely, if ever, heard. Telling Our Story is a collaboration between individuals living on the "outside" and often unheard inmates. By passing their experiences onto collaborators, their stories become living documents that can be told and retold beyond the prison walls.

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Nov 17 & DEC 1: 7 pm
Double Take 14

Three pairs of authors trade takes on a shared experience.
Oranized by Albert Mobilio. Featuring: Bruce Bauman, Lynn Crawford, Jennifer Firestone, Bonnie Friedman, Noah Isenberg, Yona McDonough, Stephen O’Connor, Matvei Yankelevich, among others

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