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Upcoming Exhibitions
November 5 - December 19
Alternative Unknowns
organized by Elliott P. Montgomery and Chris Woebken

Six New York City based artists and designers have been commissioned to create objects that provoke new ways of thinking about emergency preparedness. Each artist will be invited to a conversation with the NYC Emergency Management Department about emergency issues facing the city, and then will be tasked with designing object-based solutions.

December 5 - December 31
in Copenhagen, Denmark

In Vitro (Studies On Entropy)
organized by Marie Nipper and Peter Amby

In Vitro (Studies On Entropy) engages artists to show works in ten abandoned modernist vitrines in Copenhagen, Denmark’s city center, focusing on transformation and disorder.

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December 22 - February 21
in Istanbul, Turkey

Apricots from Damascus
organized by Atif Akin and Dilek Winchester

Apricots from Damascus invites artists to prepare survival guides in the form of zines for Syrian refugees in Istanbul, Turkey.

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January 21 - March 5

Setting Out
organized by Shona Kitchen, Aly Ogasian, and Jennifer Dalton Vincent

Shona Kitchen, Aly Ogasian, and Jennifer Dalton Vincent explore how the nature of expeditions has translated into the modern day with archaeologists, engineers, scientists, and artists exploring a variety of realms, geographical and beyond, while maintaining the same eager hunger to uncover the unknown as the world travelers of early expeditions.

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March 24 - May 14
organized by Brian Reed

Brian Reed has been a producer at This American Life since 2011. He was previously a producer at StoryCorps. Brian also reported and produced stories for NPR as a Kroc Fellow and as their first Above the Fray Fellow.

April 9 - May 7
in Bridgetown, Barbados

Rum Retort
organized by Tiffany Boyle and Natalia Palombo

Rum Retort is an exhibition on the site of a previously-forgotten burial ground for African slaves at Pierhead Docks in Bridgetown, Barbados, drawing attention to the island’s colonial history.

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June 2 - July 30
Fencing In Democracy
organized by Miguel Díaz-Barriga and Margaret Dorsey

Miguel Díaz-Barriga and Margaret Dorsey bring together artists, architects, and activists who have re-imagined designs for the US-Mexico border wall or fought its construction, addressing the role of art and architecture to draw attention to important issues of eroding democracy.

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June 25 - July 23
in Hong Kong, China

How to Make Space
organized by Jennifer Davis and Su-Ying Lee

How to Make Space highlights the powerful way in which female migrant workers in Hong Kong, China, use temporary structures to create community.

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