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June 2 - July 30
Fencing In Democracy
organized by Miguel Díaz-Barriga and Margaret Dorsey

Miguel Díaz-Barriga and Margaret Dorsey bring together artists, architects, and activists who have re-imagined designs for the US-Mexico border wall or fought its construction, addressing the role of art and architecture to draw attention to important issues of eroding democracy.

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June 25 - July 23
in Hong Kong, China

How to Make Space
organized by Jennifer Davis and Su-Ying Lee

How to Make Space highlights the powerful way in which female migrant workers in Hong Kong, China, use temporary structures to create community.

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September 7 - October 22
Botany Under Influence
organized by Clelia Coussonnet

Botany Under Influence explores systems of meaning that have been impressed upon nature, flora, and seeds throughout eras of imperialism, colonialism, and globalization. The exhibition reveals how the exportation of natural resources has affected power structures and cultural behavior.

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November 12 - December 10
in Thiaroye, Senegal
Guis Sou Me Le Mbao (I Do Not See You at Mbao)
organized by Claude Gomis & Saskia Köbschall

The commemoration of the 1944 massacre of Tirailleurs Sénégalais (African soldiers conscripted by the French army) inspires this exhibition’s reflections on (post-)colonial politics of memory and the persistence of racial and economic injustice.

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January 18 - March 18

Animal Intent
organized by Emily Falvey

Animal Intent tracks how animal culture is used as a point of departure for a range of artistic practices focused primarily on interspecies communication. The exhibition questions whether creative labor is strictly a human trait.

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February 4 - March 4
in Berlin, Germany
"Bad-ass" Kurdish "Warrior-Divas"
organized by Shawna Vesco & Anne Wheeler

"Bad-Ass" Kurdish "Warrior-Divas" troubles the representation and reception of the all-woman Kurdish peshmerga fighters in Western media. In August 2014, peshmerga began battling ISIS in Iraq and Syria, and since about the same time, social media and news outlets have aestheticized this revolution and glamorized the faction of peshmerga known as the "Women's Protection Units" (YPJ).

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April 8 - May 6
in Tarrafal, Cape Verde
A Glimmer of Freedom
organized by Marzia Bruno

Using site-specific installations and land art, this exhibition explores the history of an abandoned prison that held political prisoners during the 20th century.

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June 7 - July 29
Promises to Keep
organized by Rabbya Naseer

Promises to Keep confronts the rarity with which performance art is exhibited in Naseer’s native Pakistan. She presents the work of ten female Pakistani artists, addressing how women specifically use the medium to engage in self-representation and socio-political issues.

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June 24 - July 22
in Tbilisi, Georgia
Illegal Kosmonavtika
organized by Magda Guruli & Mariam Natroshvili

Through workshops, a zine, and artworks, this project resurrects and examines Soviet Cosmonautics for the generations that came of age after its decline in 1991.

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